Design Milk 2018 Reader Survey: Enter to Win $1,000 Gift Card from DWR

Design Milk 2018 Reader Survey: Enter to Win $1,000 Gift Card from DWR

To continue improving your experience reading Design Milk, we have a new Reader Survey! To sweeten the pot, we thought we’d motivate you a little bit by offering an incentive. We partnered with Design Within Reach who is generously giving ONE lucky survey-taker a $1,000 gift card. WHOA!

For the official rules, click here.


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This Boutique Hotel in Moscow Likes to Play With Color

This Boutique Hotel in Moscow Likes to Play With Color

Who says millennial pink is over? At the Pokrovka 6 Hotel, this saccharine shade makes a prominent feature throughout the interiors.

This boutique hotel is located inside a historic Moscow building that has an unusual layout accented by oddly angled roof and walls. Tasked with the job of transforming the building into a comfortable accommodation, design firm Ptizzaryba turned the U-shaped 600-square-meter attic into 30 guest rooms and small common areas that balance Russia’s industrial past with a modern vibe.

There’s a subtle underlying minimalism at the Pokrovka 6 Hotel. You won’t find any over-the-top extravagance here. Instead, pared-down guest rooms feature punchy shades of daffodil yellow, sky blue, emerald and lime green, giving the interiors a playful brightness and a nod to Russian avant-garde artists. Meanwhile, Soviet era light fixtures, birch tree stumps and custom-built Siberian plywood furniture pay homage to Russia’s culture and heritage.

What: The Pokrovka 6 Hotel
Where: 6, Pokrovka Street, Moscow, Russia
How much? Rooms start at approximately $55 per night.
Highlights: This is a playful hotel that emphasizes color, shape, Russian heritage and contemporary design.
Design draw: Ptizzaryba gave the hotel a modern, unique color palette while maintaining a sense of authenticity with Russian-inspired fixtures and furniture.
Book it: Visit

Photos by Vika Bogorodskaya.

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BuzziSpark Offers a Private Place to Lounge or Start a Conversation

BuzziSpark Offers a Private Place to Lounge or Start a Conversation

BuzziSpace, the playful brand that thoughtfully takes on design challenges like noisy offices, is set to release a clever sofa for lobbies, communal spaces, and offices this spring. Designed by Alain Gilles, BuzziSpark invites users to relax in its cozy form cocooned by high-backed privacy screens that help reduce noise.

You can hide in the nook for privacy and quiet time all the while someone else is doing the same thing on the other end but facing in the opposite direction. If you’re both open to meeting a new friend, you can turn to them for a conversation. It can also be used in open office situations if two people want a private spot to collaborate.

The tall screens also cut down on visual distractions so you can stay better focused on the task at hand.

Coming in a few months, BuzziSpark will be available in multiple configurations, including a single seat version.

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The Future of Wearables Is Elastic Electronic Skin

The Future of Wearables Is Elastic Electronic Skin

Japanese researchers at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering have developed a highly elastic and thin elastic skin display capable of exhibiting simple characters and even moving graphics with an array of 16 x 24 micro LEDs. Its purpose extends beyond skin deep novelty: the minimally invasive medical system was developed to keep doctors connected with their senior patients ill served by current smartphone and computer UI.

The LED display is stretchable by as much as 45% of its original length. Researchers are working to improve coverage while reducing costs of the skin-tight health monitoring system.

The e-skin health monitoring device combines a simple active matrix LED display with an integrated wireless biomedical sensor system. The miniature sensor detects touch, pressure, and temperature, allowing medical professionals to keep tabs on the health of their patients, while also offering the ability to send back a simple-to-understand assessment feedback using icons. And because the monitoring system is manufactured with a highly gas-permeable, stretchable rubber “skin” with breathable nanomesh electrode sensors, the medical device can be safely worn for up to a week without irritating the skin – ideal for monitoring patients during the recovery period while away from the observation of medical professionals.

Applied directly to the skin, the laminated electronics give the appearance of biometric henna tattoos.

University of Tokyo’s partner in manufacturing, Dai Nippon Printing (DNP), is currently attempting to improve the e-skin system’s reliability, while also extend its dimensions of coverage and bring costs down. Although the impetus for the development of this e-skin was kickstarted by healthcare, with competing research happening concurrently, it’s obvious the technology offers endless potential to revolutionize fashion, entertainment, and fitness by merging our bodies with cloud-connected sensors and displays.

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Net Outdoor Furniture by Raffaello Galiotto for Nardi

Net Outdoor Furniture by Raffaello Galiotto for Nardi

With Raffaello Galiotto behind the design of this furniture collection for Nardi, the Net series aims to bring sophistication to your outdoor space. Made of a fiberglass resin, each piece is punctuated with a pattern of square holes by way of complex 3D modeling and milling to achieve the decorated mesh look.

The Italian-made collection comprises the Net Relax armchair, the Net Bench, and the Net Table 100, each available in six matte colors – white, anthracite, mustard, coral, willow, and dove-grey. They also have a variety of seat cushions and pillows to choose from for added comfort.

The Net Relax Chair also has a Shell cushion which clads the interior of the chair with comfort.

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A Brazilian Duplex with a Pool That Becomes Art by Fernanda Marques

A Brazilian Duplex with a Pool That Becomes Art by Fernanda Marques

When a client approached Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados with an unusual request that most architects would run from, she welcomed the challenge and created a jaw-dropping space to go with it. The client’s wish was to have a swimming pool *in* his apartment, which is a duplex in São Paulo, Brazil. How did Marques make that happen? By designing a stunning, glass enclosed pool that’s the focal point of the double-height living room.

A doubled-sided sofa is placed in the center of the living room, with half of it facing two glass panels of the pool and the other half in front of a wall-mounted television.

The client’s art collection was another key factor in the design with works thoughtfully placed throughout. Overall, Marques leaned more towards minimalism allowing the art to be showcased.

Vertical plant walls surround the exterior walls making the limited outdoor space feel lush.

The master bedroom lives on the mezzanine level overlooking the living room.

The master also has direct access to the swimming pool.

Photos by Fillippo Bamberghi.

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