Farm Style Bathrooms – Hand Painted Terracotta Tiles

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Poketo Aurora Wall and Daily Planners Color the Days Ahead

Poketo Aurora Wall and Daily Planners Color the Days Ahead

We can’t remember the last time we’ve ever felt the slightest urge to grace our walls with a printed wall calendar. Yet, here we are, slaves to Google Calendar, and totally entranced by the colorful allure of this Poketo Aurora Wall Planner monthly calendar.

With dimensions of 30.1″ x 20.6″, these poster size sheets divided by month practically beg to be framed, except for the fact they’re best used with a pen and a penchant for planning.

The real question is whether to dole each sheet every month, or to display the entire spectrum as a group. There isn’t really a wrong way to display these.

But let’s say you’re adamant to keep the walls free from clutter. That’s okay because there’s the Poketo Daily Weekly Monthly Planner. The spiral bound planner isn’t just a pretty face on the outside; the interior of this 170 page planner is fully decked to empower monthly and weekly appointment making and reminder writing, with timestamps neatly lining each page to keep things clearly designated.

The allure of both the wall planner and bound desk planner is undeniable – an appealing aesthetic and organizational argument that there’s always a place in our hearts (and offices) for color. Both are available now at Poketo, alongside a vast selection of other designer office tools.

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Experimental Linoleum Seating by Maarten Kolk and Guus Kusters

Experimental Linoleum Seating by Maarten Kolk and Guus Kusters

The Eindhoven-based duo behind Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters have been experimenting with materials in a series of benches and stools. Utilizing scrap materials, like Linoleum, they formed the Bound Bench and Bound Stool and then held them together with rope for various sculptural seats.

Each Bound seat was created using Forbo’s Linoleum, a material that normally serves another function, but in this case the pieces failed to do so because of size. Instead of discarding those off-cuts, they decided to layer them for strength and form something three-dimensional. To hold the Linoleum in its final form, rope was tied and knotted in a way that was inspired by bondage.

The resulting pieces resemble oversized pebbles and stones, due to their shapes and also the patterns on the Linoleum.

‘Bound Bench’ and ‘Bound Stool’ are supported by Forbo, Creative Fund NL and Fonds Kwadraat.

Photos courtesy of Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters.

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Friday Five with Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi

Friday Five with Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi

Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi has steadily gained a solid reputation as one to follow on Instagram, as Poggy The Man, and as a major influencer of Japanese fashion and street style. His eclectic aesthetic reads polished and modern, yet with a street edge that’s all his own, making it no surprise he’s risen to the top of his industry. During his childhood, he kept his eye on Tokyo’s street culture, leading him to attend and graduate from a fashion college prior to moving to the city that initially piqued his interest. Poggy got his start at Japanese clothing brand UNITED ARROWS Ltd. as a salesperson in 1997, later joining the PR department. He launched his own store, Liquor, Woman and Tears, where he became known for mixing high-end with street brands at a time when no one else thought to mix FENDI and Supreme. He closed the store in 2010 and moved on to become the creative director of UNITED ARROWS & SONS, a title that he currently holds. In 2017, he also became director of the UNITED ARROWS Harajuku Store. Intrigued? Take a look at this world traveling icon’s five picks, in this week’s Friday Five.

1. Family time
Time with my family is precious and irreplaceable to me. This photo is from summer vacation this year. We visited my grandmother in Furano, Hokkaido.

Photo by Adam Katz Sindin

2. Hat & beard
I think this is my iconic style. I like wearing wide pants this year, and I would coordinate a boater along with it. It’s fun to adjust balance time to time depending on the trend.

3. Sneakers
Keep sneakers clean and crisp – and the same thing for polished leather shoes. This is my policy all the time. Sneakers sound more casual, but they are valuable and the same as leather dress shoes. To me, Sneakers are full of dreams. (Editor: Remember when we featured these tabi sneakers?)

4. Suits
I call my style “Sartorial Street Style”. I like both street influenced fashion, as well as dress style, and mixing them. A suit is an essential. I will keep exploring style even more.

5. Vinyl bars
Vinyl bars are my favorite night out places. There are variety of good vinyl bars in Tokyo. I take my guests from overseas to these and they like these bars too. The places I can chill out and have fun at are definitely needed.

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Tokujin Yoshioka Designed a Glass Watch for ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project

Tokujin Yoshioka Designed a Glass Watch for ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project

Tokyo-based designer Tokujin Yoshioka adds another watch design to his portfolio of timepieces for Issey Miyake. The latest is the Glass Watch, which marks the 16th model of the ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project. The bold design dons a solid piece of transparent glass that gives the watch a sculptural feel.

Yoshioka is no stranger to working with glass, as evident by his previous work, so carrying the material to the wrist seems like a natural progression. Paired with a stainless steel case and a leather band, the watch has a sleek, minimalist feel.

The thick glass was machined so that light would beautifully reflect from all angles.

The Glass Watch will be available November 10th, 2017, at ISSEY MIYAKE shops worldwide and online at the ISSEY MIYAKE WATCH store.

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Villa N1: An All-Wood Summer House in Sweden Designed by Lindvall A & D

Villa N1: An All-Wood Summer House in Sweden Designed by Lindvall A & D

Built as a family summer house on the west coast of Sweden, Villa N1 was designed by Jonas Lindvall, of Lindvall A & D, to mimic the wooden barns clad in horizontal planks that are prevalent in the region. The single-story, all-wood house spans 190 square meters (approx. 2045 square feet) and is composed of five pavilion-like structures joined together in a row.

At one end, you’ll find the master bedroom and at the other end is the children’s bedrooms, with the common areas residing in the center volumes. The pavilions each feature a pitched roof, which leans towards traditional, but the simplicity of the overall design feels very modern.

Not just the walls are made of wood – the roof is too. The facade planks are made of oak that’s left untreated so that it ages naturally over time.

The master bedroom and playroom are set at a lower level as the landscape slopes. The public area is large and open with floor-to-ceiling windows that slide away and hide within the walls to create an indoor/outdoor flow. Pietra Serena stone covers the main areas and halls of the house and continues to the patio spaces for continuity.

Photos by Åke E:son Lindman.

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Peace Industry Introduces Fall Collection with Four Independent Designers

Peace Industry Introduces Fall Collection with Four Independent Designers

Peace Industry, a brand that specializes in Iran-made felt rugs, recently partnered with four independent designers for their Fall 2017 collection, including Alison Damonte, Hinterland Design, Raha Raissnia, and Disc Interiors. The rug collaborations show new, modern approaches to the age-old techniques of felt making through experimentation. Take a look.

You-me by Alison Damonte

Giving nod to abstract, minimalist painters, like Sol Lewitt and Ellsworth Kelly, the Alison Damonte Collection overlaps geometric forms that result in unusual rug shapes.

You-me by Alison Damonte \\\ Photo by Bruce Damonte

You-me by Alison Damonte \\\ Photo by Bruce Damonte

Sunrise by Alison Damonte

Sunrise by Alison Damonte

Tango by Alison Damonte

Making Tango

Fringe by Hinterland Design

Hinterland Design merges floating geometric shapes and pale gray backgrounds for a Memphis-deco feel. Accent curves and asymmetrical fringe add unexpected, yet playful details resulting in a post-modern look.

Radius by Hinterland Design

Rahita by Raha Raissnia

Multi-media artist Raha Raissnia brings a “raw and unstructured” aesthetic by referencing her own black and white oil paintings and black and white films.

Rahita by Raha Raissnia

Rahita by Raha Raissnia

Link by Disc Interiors

Disc Interiors

Link by Disc Interiors

Link by Disc Interiors

Field by Disc Interiors

Ink runners by Disc Interiors

Climb by Disc Interiors

Climb by Disc Interiors

Making Climb

To purchase the rugs from the Fall 2017 collection, shop here.

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