A 1960s Villa in Melbourne Gets a Much Needed Update

A 1960s Villa in Melbourne Gets a Much Needed Update

A 1960s villa located in an eastern suburb of Melbourne was in major need of an update as it has remained untouched since it was built. SWG STUDIO was tasked with designing an open, modern interior on a fixed budget where most of the money went to removing walls.

To save on costs, the original wooden floors hidden underneath the carpet were repurposed and stained dark in a glossy finish. The existing windows were also refurbished as another way keep the budget in check.

The new open living plan created a large, light-filled space to house the kitchen, dining room, and living room, which even has room for a desk. The refinished floors are paired with white walls and furnishings, medium tone wooden cabinets, and eclectic accessories, that result in a comfortable and contemporary interior for daily living.

Check out how the space looked before:

from Design MilkDesign Milk http://design-milk.com/a-1960s-villa-in-melbourne-gets-a-much-needed-update/


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