The Granite-Clad Armadale Residence by B.E Architecture

The Granite-Clad Armadale Residence by B.E Architecture

The Armadale Residence is a three-story home designed by B.E Architecture with textured granite covering the exterior. As the sun hits the uneven surface, it makes the structure appear lighter than you’d think a volume clad in 260 tons of granite would.

The rectilinear design benefits from the irregular material by helping to soften the hard edges. They also paired the light grey granite with vertical wood details for contrast.

An outdoor space extends out from the main living space with fully retractable glass doors that open to create a seamless transition.

Throughout the interior and exterior, three different granites were used, but thanks to the builders and stone masons, it looks cohesive.

A private Japanese garden features an unexpected outdoor shower.

The master bathroom includes a custom bathtub and dual sink basin made from solid blocks of stone.

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The HEX x Aaron De La Cruz Capsule Collection

The HEX x Aaron De La Cruz Capsule Collection

It’s an easy thing to promote a design you already like, except improved. That’s the case with the LA-based HEX with their recently unveiled Aaron De La Cruz collaboration, one represented partially by the very Sneaker Bag Duffle Back Pack included in our recent holiday tech gift guide.

San Francisco-based artist Aaron De La Cruz’s geometric and (mostly) monochromatic graphical style exhibits a confluence of influences, evocative of Mayan hieroglyphics, the immediacy of a Keith Haring street piece, and perhaps even imagined as a dimensionally-flattened M.C Escher landscape. As a whole De La Cruz’s work reads both as pattern, in isolation more of an indecipherable script – a style that has made him renowned as both as gallery artist and street muralist, and an ideal application to HEX’s line of street-influenced gear.

I wanted to explore texture, surface and sculpture, allowing the audience to gain tangible access to what I do. I feel like we accomplished taking my art in 2 different and meaningful directions allowing for the interactive user experience I was after.

– Aaron De La Cruz

Alongside the aforementioned the Convertible Backpack (offering a beautiful graphical interior lining that pops against the black-on-black texture of the exterior), De La Cruz has lent his signature style as a graphical flourish and textural treatment across a select line of products that make up the capsule collection: Aspect Duffel, Drifter Duffel, Exile Backpack, Focus iPhone Case.

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Bisazza Launches Tonal Collection by David Rockwell for Bisazza Cementiles

Bisazza Launches Tonal Collection by David Rockwell for Bisazza Cementiles

Bisazza first debuted its Bisazza Cementiles range in 2015 and to mark its launch in the United States, they released American architect David Rockwell’s Tonal Collection. Inspired by ombré, the coloring effect that blends one into another, Rockwell created a dramatic series that gives traditional cement tiles a contemporary spin. Available as 8″ x 8″ tiles, there are eight patterns that are come in four colorways – warm neutrals, cool neutrals, blues, and rust shades – that are bound to add a pop of texture and movement to floors or walls.

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Bower Studios X Blaise Cepis Limited Edition Puzzles and Prints

Bower Studios X Blaise Cepis Limited Edition Puzzles and Prints

New York City based design studio Bower partnered with photographer Blaise Cepis on a series of limited edition puzzles. Each puzzle features pieces of furniture and mirrors from Bower that were captured by Cepis. The 500-piece puzzles are only sold as editions of 10 and come with a signed and numbered matching print that’s also 16 x 20 inches. There are six puzzles/prints in the collection to choose from so jump on them before they’re gone.

“Table Legs”


“Chair Hair”

“Fruit Salad”



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Complements Handmade Chocolates Are Little Bites of Modular Art

Complements Handmade Chocolates Are Little Bites of Modular Art

After almost a year in development, Australian design studio Universal Favourite has launched an artisan line of handmade chocolates called Complements. The idea came about when thinking about end-of-the-year gifts for people they work with, and instead of purchasing gifts off the shelf, they decided to make it themselves.

Working with the Sydney-based Bakedown Cakery, they utilized 3D printing to create these modular chocolates that look like little bite-size pieces of tasty art. They can be eaten individually or paired with another for a completely unique flavor. After much research, they settled on 12 flavors, including: shortbread, single origin dark, fairy floss, blackcurrant, cookies & cream, cherry, watermelon, strawberry, pistachio, matcha, vanilla, and lemon. They’re currently available in a limited run of only 500 boxes so get them here while you can!

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A Car Collector’s Modern Residence by Matt Fajkus Architecture

A Car Collector’s Modern Residence by Matt Fajkus Architecture

When tasked with designing a modern home for a car collector in Austin, Texas, Matt Fajkus Architecture designed the jaw-dropping Autohaus residence that floats over a massive garage. The living quarters make up a cantilevered volume that rests atop one side of the garage’s volume.

By extending the second floor out 20 feet into the front yard, a covered carport was created underneath.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows are framed on the second floor creating a dramatic visual interest from the street.

A viewing gallery on the second floor lets people watch a car being worked on below or shows a car on display.

Large sliding glass and steel doors were custom made to allow uninterrupted access to the roof terrace.

Photos by Charles Davis Smith, Perfecto Creative, Casey Woods, and MF Architecture.

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